Young Gatewood Residents Plan Butterfly Waystation

Young Gatewood Residents Plan Butterfly Waystation
Gatewood Community Association butterfly way station

At the Board meeting of Gatewood Condominiums last week, two young residents of Gatewood made a presentation to the Board.

Lucy and Michael had learned in school that the Monarch Butterfly becoming extinct. They also learned that each fall, hundreds of millions of monarch butterflies migrate from the United States and Canada to spend the winter in areas of Mexico and California. During their migrations, they can be prey to many predators, as well as struggling to find food on their journey.

The two youths asked the Board for permission to plant a Butterfly Waystation within Gatewood. In the Waystation, they will plant milkweed, big bluestem and prairie dropseed, and blazing star, all of which will persuade Monarchs to stop and reproduce on their way to Mexico and back. The Board so loved the idea, and the presentation of the children, that they pitched in to triple the size of the Waystation with a financial contribution.  The Schaumburg Community Garden Club has coordinated the packaging of plants for the Waystations.

Gatewood Condominiums is a community of 32 buildings – 26 8-unit buildings and six four-unit buildings. We have high hopes of posting beautiful butterfly photos in the future!