Why Hire a Professional vs. Painting Yourself?

Why Hire a Professional vs. Painting Yourself?
Why hire a professional painter?

by Carmina Arroyo, CertaPro Painters of Des Plaines/Northwest Chicago

You’ve decided it’s time to refresh your home’s interior. Perhaps you’d like to explore some of the 2018 color trends or your son/daughter are off to college and you want to convert their room into a new office. What if your project is more than one room? What if your paint project is the exterior of your home? Do you pick up a paint brush or hire a professional?

It is tempting to go to the local paint store and pick up paint and other materials to paint your home. There is a great sense of accomplishment when you finish the project since it probably took you a whole weekend to finish one room. You picked your wall color. You taped the edge where the ceiling meets the wall as well as along the door frame and baseboard. You meticulously covered all the floors and furniture. You patched all the holes. And then you started painting. You applied your first coat and let that dry. Then you applied your second coat. You love the color! Why hadn’t you done this before?

Now it’s time to remove the tape and clean up to reveal your new room. You remove the tape and notice paint spots where the wall paint leaked onto the door frame or trim. Now what do you do?  You can spot paint the door frame or trim but you’ll probably notice the difference since the doorframe and trim were painted 7 years ago. Suddenly, you realize there is more work to be done but your weekend is over. Do you want to spend another weekend painting?  Plus, you ache from going up and down the ladder.

It’s time to call the professionals! Professional painters will finish this room and the rest of the house in a timely fashion so that you can enjoy a fresh new look and not sacrifice your weekends.

What if your painting project is the exterior of your home? Exterior projects generally require a painting professional due to the potential repairs and equipment required. CertaPro Painters® recommends scheduling an appointment with a qualified painting professional who will walk around the exterior of your home with you. The painting professional will be able to identify any required repairs. There are some repairs which can not be seen from the ground, but a professional painter will make you aware of those issues and discuss solutions during the project, thus protecting the value of your home.