What Condo & Coop Owners Should Know – LMS Client Event May 2017

What Condo & Coop Owners Should Know – LMS Client Event May 2017

How does the incident with the United passenger removed from the airlines relate to property management?

On Thursday, May 4, Chicago Condo and Co-op board members joined LMS Property Managers and Directors for a discussion of current and upcoming Chicago developments and regulations. The speakers included Alderman Michele Smith, Alderman Brian Hopkins, and Attorney Patrick Costello. Alderman Hopkins referenced the United passenger in relation to growing concerns about willful rule-breaking in his presentation.

The information-packed evening started with appetizers and cocktails at the East Bank Club in Chicago. After introductions, the speakers discussed issues such as:

  • Types of recourse for buildings with problems regarding short-term rentals (such as AirBnB vacation rentals),
  • Why disregard for rules can undermine management efforts, and how to respond,
  • What the new guidelines for Palm II regarding private meetings means to board meetings,
  • How the Ombudsperson Act will play out in conflict resolution,
  • Why house bill HB3755 will reward rule-breakers to the detriment of law-abiding homeowner, and much more.

The video recording is in two parts, located on our YouTube site. Access them here:

Part 1: Aldermen discuss current issues: https://youtu.be/VxzsfYA2nXI

Part 2: Attorney Patrick Costello discusses current a future legislation – and how you can help: https://youtu.be/mHXMvhbPu0Y