Trash Removal Delayed During Deep Freeze

Trash Removal Delayed During Deep Freeze
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Due to severe weather conditions, the following services are delayed in your area:

Waste Management closed Wednesday and Thursday. They will service:

  • Wednesday and Thursday trash/recycling on Friday
  • Friday trash/recycling on Saturday
  • Saturday trash/recycling on Saturday

Companies that will will not have service Wednesday and it will be delayed by one day:

  • Arc Disposal
  • Groot Disposal
  • Republic  – so far, only closed Wednesday.
  • Flood Brothers – so far, only closed Wednesday.


For safer trash storage in winter, follow these tips:

Secure Against Animals: As the temperatures drop and wild food sources become scarce, hungry animals will often take to scavenging at trash collection spots. It’s  a potential safety hazard as well as a mess. Make sure the lids are firmly closed on all barrels to keep wildlife out.

Keep Out Water and Ice: Water can pool in tiny crevices within your bins, and then expand upon freezing, causing cracks and ruptures in the plastic. Water can also attract animals, promoting widespread rotting that makes for a more frustrating (and smelly) trash pickup when the time comes.