Training We Offer Our Employees

Setting Up Our Employees To Succeed

At Lieberman Management Services we have instituted a highly effective training program for all employees. Throughout training, employees learn every “how-to” in the world of Lieberman Management Services and property management, ensuring that we are always setting the best practice standards.

New employee training

Lieberman recruits new employees who match and possess our company Core Values. All new employees participate in a minimum two-week training program that explains their role in the organization. Employees are introduced to the history of the company, the present, and our vision moving forward. We train all employees in Fair Housing Awareness and Sexual Harassment Awareness from the moment they begin employment. They also spend time in other departments, learning how we all work together for the betterment of the Associations we serve. They then spend time with their supervisor to learn the Lieberman systems to ensure success in their new role.

Continuing education

We offer weekly training sessions that employees must attend whenever the subject matter matches their job requirements. Our Management Team, along with special guest speakers such as attorneys, financial consultants and tax advisors, facilitate these sessions. Topics for Property Managers include budgeting utilizing the proprietary, customized LMS Budget Program, building operations, emergency procedures and relevant legislation.

In addition, we actively participate in industry education courses, offered by institutions like the Institute of Real Estate Management and the Community Associations Institute. For approved job-related course work, we offer a tuition reimbursement program of 90% tuition and registration costs to full-time employees who have worked at Lieberman for at least one year.

Compliance with Government Authorities

We keep our Associations apprised of any new and developing ordinances or laws that affect the condominium marketplace. To be certain we are at the cutting edge of changes in the law, we offer regular training to our Property Managers. LMS operates the buildings we manage in accordance with the Illinois Condominium Property Act, Not For Profit Act and the Common Interest Community Association Act.


Lieberman Management Services is a leader in the Chicago area property management industry.