Testimonials from LMS Residents

“The building is extremely well managed and the staff is outstanding. Amazing views from south-facing units and great amenities. I’ve lived here over 7 years and am convinced I’ll be spoiled for life.”

Patrick, Unit Owner, Park Place Tower

“I just wanted to voice my praises the property manager at 100 E. Walton. She fields so many questions, directives, and day-to-day information with a smile and an honest direct answer. You can always count on her to get back to you, and she never sounds stressed or overworked – hard to imagine taking care of as big a plant as 100 E. Walton. She is the best.”

Bill Pfordresher, Unit Owner, 100 E. Walton

“Jim Cogley manages my building at 233 E. 13th St. in Chicago and he is wonderful. Any question or concern I have had has been addressed immediately to my satisfaction. He is knowledgeable, responsive, friendly, and very helpful, often going beyond the duties of his job description to help the residents.  I’ve also been impressed with his presentations at HOA board meetings and the way in which he addresses the residents’ questions and issues. He is one great guy and I hope he never leaves my condo.”

Christine, Unit Owner, Museum Pointe

“LMS has done a great job of managing our building. We just completed a major capital project that had huge potential for disaster, but our on-site manager first carefully pulled all the parts together and then executed the plan perfectly. We finished it early and under budget, thanks to her top notch management skills.”

Alice Schultz, Board President, 100 E Walton Condominium Association

“We have had very professional management service from Lieberman Management Services for several years. Our manager keeps the Board updated on issues, seeks the best pricing for property work, and has excellent rapport with Board members and owners. Regional manager Michele Trina continues to guide her managers and Boards in a very professional manner. Michele has tremendous knowledge and excellent management skills.

I’m impressed by the huge labor pool Lieberman has at its disposal. They seem to always be able to find the right people for the right work. [They] get apples-to-apples bids so the Board is able to make the best decision when lending contracts. We will continue to be supported by the great Lieberman team.”

Frank Parilli, Board member, Lincoln Ridge Homeowners Association

“I have been working with Edina Vulic, our property manager, for the last eight months. I have found Edina extremely responsive and diligent in her follow-ups with residents and the Board. She has been most helpful in dealing with critical issues, and has guided us in a very professional manner. I am very pleased with Edina and Lieberman Management Services.”

Robert Taylor, Board member, Fulton Station

“I have served on the Board for the last 11 years and have found LMS to deliver excellent service. I personally have received calls from other Associations regarding LMS services and they have since contracted with the various Associations because of the fine job they do. LMS has been contracted with since the start of Towne Place West. Our present property manager is excellent – [she has] only been with Towne Place West a short time, yet it seems she has been with us for the 11 years I have served on the Board.”

George Piraino, Board president, Towne Place West

“After a bad experience and inaction by a previous management company, LMS, our new management company, worked with the Board to quickly resolve our leak problem in the doorway to our balcony.”

Julia Ris, unit owner, Fulton Station

“The staff has been fantastic to work with. Every employee is friendly and ready to help whenever you ask. The building is clean and well taken care of. Our property manager Carolyn Ginther does a great job and has a great energy about her. I recently moved into the building less than five months ago and am very happy that I chose 530 North Lake Shore Drive as my new home address.”

Bruce Patsey, unit owner, 530 North Lake Shore Drive

“Working with our property manager from Lieberman makes it easy to serve on our Board. She is fantastic in that she anticipates things that we will need to do our job. She makes great suggestions and does thorough research to get the best product at the lowest price. Her support from Lieberman completes a team of all-stars who give us a comprehensive approach to management that allows us to deal with problems which include human resources, accounting, financial advice and city codes to name a few. They are very professional and give you confidence to ensure that you are making the right decisions for your Association.”

Thomas Power, Board member, 530 North Lake Shore Drive

“Our property manager is a professional who listens, responds in a positive manner, and carefully notes concerns of the homeowner. She quickly responded to my issues on several occasions, educated me on terminology related to work orders for lawn care, and also explained very carefully how Lieberman news can be found on the Internet. As an Association, when residents move into the area, certain expectations are required to maintain a beautiful community. For me, direct communication and education related to our guidelines helps to create positive attitudes among residents when requests are heard and cared for in a timely manner.

I am thankful she was the manager chosen for Towne Place West. I look forward to working with her on any concerns for our community. Her smile and personality is enlightening.”

Fern Furst, unit owner, Towne Place West

“I moved to a south loop high-rise condo in June and the Property Manager, Jim Cogley, has been exceptional in his service and attention to the details. No problem is too small or too big for Jim to lend a helping hand.  And he is very personable and professional with residents and employees alike.

Similarly, Regional Director, Bob Bonifazi, has demonstrated his capital projects expertise having successfully managed the first half of a multi-year, large scale exterior preventive maintenance project and developed with the HOA a capital expense plan that will assure homeowners that their building and its infrastructure systems remain in first rate condition and fully operational over the long-term.  Lastly, the building engineers, cleaning staff, and desk attendants are all first rate – experienced, knowledgeable, friendly and always helpful.”

Tom, Unit Owner, Museum Pointe

“This is my tenth time moving while living in Chicago; needless to say, I have had my fair share of terrible experiences with management companies, HOA boards, resident services, etc. This time was very different. Our move-in experience was a breeze. Edina and Luis at LMS both were extremely knowledgeable, courteous and responsive. While we have only been living here for two months, I must say that our overall experience has been great.”

Brandon Nappi, unit owner, 330 North Clinton Street

“First I would like to say how proud I am to be on the Board of Directors at Towne Place West. I see things that many don’t see, with regards to the inner workings of Lieberman and the Board and all the work they do to keep our community a place to be proud of. Lieberman invites us to seminars to inform us on different topics that help us understand better ways to do our job.

Like many other residents I’ve called in with different requests and within a reasonable amount of time those items are taken care of.

I’ve worked with Michele Trina all these years being on the Board and she is always there to help us and give us continual guidance regarding our property and Board. Our present property manager Lynda Lange is very knowledgable from her past experience in the field. Without a worry I’m happy to be under the present management services of LMS.”

Greg Gaffron, Board member, Towne Place West

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“Our Association turned to LMS in 2003 and we’ve stayed with them because of the strength of their organization and the depth of their back office operations.

Our manager was assigned to our property on a “temporary” basis in 2012 until a permanent property nanager could be assigned. After just one monthly Board meeting with her in attendance, we knew she was the person we wanted to continue to work with. Fortunately for our association, LMS made that happen.

2013 has brought many unusual challenges to our property which our Board couldn’t have handled without our property manager’s direction, coordination and involvement. She always retains a calm, professional demeanor. When appropriate, her great sense of humor reveals itself. It is indeed a joy to work with her – she is our hero!”

Eileen Priest, Board Vice President, Partridge Hill Townhome Association

“I previously was on the Board at 530 N. Lake Shore. We have the most positive property manager. She never stops working for the owners and Board members. If you ask her to do something, it was done yesterday. I like the fact that Lieberman and the property manager respond so quickly to requests and events.”

Catherine Lannon-Barr, unit owner, 530 North Lake Shore Drive

“Lieberman Management has been professional, responsive and dedicated. Our building manager handles everything from the smallest issues to serious problems with professionalism and ease. I have never met anyone as talented in the area of human resources and since she’s been with us, I am positive that we have the most dedicated and professional building staff of any building in Chicago. Under her, our building has gone through several building renovations and improvement projects which have greatly improved the value of our property. She is a dedicated, driven manager who does it all with a smile and a sense of humor. I can’t say enough about LMS and in particular our own manager – they have been great.”

Lisa Bennett, unit owner, 530 North Lake Shore Drive

“For the past seventeen years, as a Board member and President of the Ancient Tree Community Association, Lieberman Management Services has been my constant companion. They have served our little Village within the Village of Northbrook for over twenty years. Their dedicated team of highly competent and skilled professionals gives us the tools to govern our Association and meet the needs of our residents.”

Tom Timmis, Board President, Ancient Tree Community Association

 “I have been on the Board for four years and find Lieberman a pleasure to work with on each and every issue facing the management of our building. Our onsite manager does a terrific job. I have lived in many buildings and worked with many management companies and Lieberman is one of the best.”

Michael Cleavenger, Board member, 1445 N. State Parkway

“I have had the pleasure of working with Edina Vulic of LMS as both a Board member and an individual unit owner. She is an amazing asset to both LMS and the Union Square Condo Association. She works hard to make sure all of our Association needs are met in a an appropriate and timely fashion. As a Board member, I know that she will take care of any concerns that may arise and provide a level of service that is above and beyond what we have experienced in the past.”

Angie Guinn, Board member, Union Square

“I can’t say enough positive things about our LMS Property Manager! She is extremely hard-working and competent and works tirelessly to complete projects and tasks. She can be counted on to follow through on recommendations in a timely and efficient manner. Her management reports are a thing of beauty: thorough, detailed, clear, and extremely well-written. She treats the residents fairly [and] cares about the residents and the condition of our building. She has earned the respect of the Board of Directors and is a pleasure to work with and to know.”

Karen Mayer, Board member, 3430/3440 N. Lake Shore Drive


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