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  • Chicago Blue Recycle Bin

    Trash vs. Recycling: What’s the Difference?

    As a Chicago resident, you might have heard of the term “source-separated recycling”. The City of Chicago requires residents...

  • Winterizing Your Association

    Winterizing is an important step for every association, says Amanda Yamour, business development manager for Giertsen, a disaster restoration...

  • Who’s in Charge Here?

    Homeowners associations are organized with a board of directors who help the community run smoothly. The board consists of...

  • Property Profile: Mallard Cove

    Managing a vintage community can be tricky, but for the team at Mallard Cove in Arlington Heights, it is...

  • Who makes the condo rules

    Who Makes the Rules?

    Every society depends on an infrastructure of rules to guide individuals’ behavior. Limits help people to live together peacefully....

  • Community association board meeting

    What an Association Board Does for You

    As you may know, community associations have a board to help the association run smoothly. The board consists of...

  • Emergencies: Prepare for Anything

    In honor of September being National Preparedness Month, Titan Security Group would like to provide some helpful tips on...

  • Property taxes for Associations

    How Your Association’s Budget is Calculated

    Your property manager and your assigned accountant are currently gathering historical information that will be used to build a...

  • What Does My Condo Assessment Pay For?

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  • Summertime Energy Conservation Tips

    Summer can quickly become an expensive season, but being mindful of energy conservation can help reduce your electricity bills—and...