Recognizing our Property Managers

Recognizing our Property Managers

For the past three years, we have held a Property Manager Appreciation Day as a way to thank all of our hard-working Property Managers. Property Managers from Chicago meet up for a lunch at our city headquarters located on 230 S. Monroe. Property managers for the suburbs enjoy a lunch together at our headquarters in Elk Grove Village.

After lunch, the city Property Managers hop on the outbound train and the suburban Property Managers drive to Arlington Race Track. Everyone gets to enjoy a day at the races, testing their luck and enjoying each others company.

Throughout Property Manager Appreciation Day, we send emails to all of the Property Managers that were written by other Lieberman employees. These emails share sentiments such as funny stories, why they appreciate Property Managers and much more. We even keep a book filled with these so that the Property Managers can take a look at it throughout the year.

If you’re interested in joining our team, you can click here for our open positions or submit your resume here.

Property Manager Appreciation Day

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