Prospective/New Vendors

Vendor Verification Program

If you are interested in becoming a vendor for LMS-managed properties, we’d love to have your company on board!

We have streamlined the process for vendors to be listed in our vendor database, earning your company exposure to more than 250 properties managed by LMS in the Chicagoland area. Enrolling your company will ensure visibility to all LMS property managers through our single-source vendor database listing. Please apply to join the LMS Vendor Verification Program.

View the following document to see our requirements for Certificates of Insurance: COI Requirements.

To be eligible for this program, all new and current contractors, suppliers and vendors must complete the vendor application, provide proper insurance certificates and license documents, meet the criteria of our program and pay an annual registration fee of $150. You will receive the status of your company’s application by e-mail within two weeks of applying. Upon approval, your company will immediately be placed in our vendor database and will be available for selection by our property managers. Only verified vendors can be selected to work at LMS-managed properties.

Click here to apply. If you have questions about enrolling, please call 847.777.7735 or e-mail

Vendor Reviews

Did you know once you complete a project, a property manager can rate your performance as well as write a review about the completed project? Reviews are read by other property managers and board members when choosing a vendor for a project. Board members have access to all the vendor reviews when they log into eSTAR. This is one of the easiest and best ways to advertise to other associations that are looking for new vendors. Please ask your property manager to write a review about your service or product at the conclusion of the project or sale.

Vendor Advertising/Directory

Please note that the 2020 vendor advertising options are now available for the 2020 Vendor Directory.

Launched in 2013, our annual vendor directory has been hugely successful. This directory is sent to over 1,000 board members and 150 property managers each year.

If you complete the verification process by September 1 of each year, your company will automatically be listed in our vendor directory. You will be able to choose, free of charge, one category under which your company will be listed. Additional listings and other advertising options are available as well. 

Please send all vendor-related requests to Thank you.

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