Property Profile: Mallard Cove

Property Profile: Mallard Cove

Managing a vintage community can be tricky, but for the team at Mallard Cove in Arlington Heights, it is a labor of love. This complex of 12 buildings, containing 468 units, was built in 1968 and 1969 as corporate apartment housing for big companies such as Motorola and major airlines. All one and two bedroom units, the community converted to condominiums in the 1990s.

Over the many years of condo board leadership, the members have had different priorities and projects to work on. One area of pride is that many say we have the best landscaping in Arlington Heights. There’s a park-like feel to the grounds, with a natural pond ringed by bushes and park benches, trees and naturalized lilies. The association also has a tennis court, pools, a pavilion, weight room and volleyball court.


As in all older buildings, Mallard Cove has had to budget for extensive replacements as 50-year-old components wore out.  Most elevators and roofs have been replaced, along with resident-managed window replacement that greatly improved curb appeal. The boiler rooms are being upgraded with dual-purpose hot water heat boilers that not only heat the building but also supply hot water to kitchens and bathrooms – an upgrade that saves utility costs for everyone. In the units, maintenance is also swapping out the 50 year old parts to a new taco valve to also modernize the owner’s heating controls.

The residents at Mallard Cove are a varied mix. Seniors who are downsizing find Mallard Cove an attractive option since it is near the Senior Center and golf course. There’s still a large corporate housing population in the community, and a large group of Bulgarian and Polish immigrants. Many families have stay-at-home moms, so there are always small children playing in the community and lots of FUN for families.

Mallard Cove is managed by Karyn Radek. Her staff contains an Assistant Manager, Ewa Perkowski, three maintenance workers and an assistant maintenance man. The team is proud of the rapport they have with residents and the good work being led by their board. Mallard Cove is located at 1130 S New Wilke Rd, Arlington Heights, Ill.