PayLease: One of our 3rd Party Partners

PayLease: One of our 3rd Party Partners

Here at Lieberman Management Services, we take pride in the companies we work with. One of those companies is PayLease. This 3rd party partner is responsible for helping us process payments online.

We recently received a newsletter from PayLease regarding their 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament, and we thought we’d share this great event with you.

Their first ever “PayLease Gives Back Charity Golf Tournament” at the River Walk Golf Club benefited Fresh Start Surgical Gifts. Fresh Start is a non-profit dedicated to the lives of disadvantaged children and youth with physical deformities that were brought on through birth defects, accidents, abuse, or disease. The Fresh Start children & youth receive their gift of a fresh start at Surgery Weekends, which provides free reconstructive surgery.

Overall there were 42 golfers in PayLease’s charity tournament and raised over $4,100 in proceeds that were donated to Fresh Start.

We are proud to be partners with a company who puts charitable actions at the forefront of their business. We would like to congratulate PayLease and its employees for a successful inaugural charity golf tournament!

At LMS, we’re proud to offer our CAPS program, which allows our employees to take up to two paid days each year to perform charity work. Look for a more in-depth blog post on CAPS in the near future.

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