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Your Property Matters To Our Team

We have the tools and staff to prove it. Our award-winning web-based association management program, Service Tracking and Reporting program and staff are set up to make your association work as simple and stress-free as possible.

You can trust our:

Property Managers

Your property cannot be successfully managed from an office. You will be assigned a property manager who will inspect the property regularly. Your property manager will supervise contractors and vendors, and act as a liaison to the board of directors.


You can rest assured with a regional director overseeing your community association. Your regional director is responsible for prudently maximizing the resources, people and information available to your association. The director is on your property at least one time per quarter, knows your association history and is familiar with the budget, calendar and long-term plans. The director is the “go to” resource for your Board members, acting as a partner and teammate with the Board members.

The director acts as a coach and mentor to your property manager, and acts as a guide to bring your association to its most efficient operating level. A regional director in the city of Chicago is an expert in the industry, understanding unions, building codes, insurance, utilities, reserves and more.

Resident Services Team

LMS provides a professionally trained Resident Services Team, which is available from 8AM-6PM Monday through Friday. The team consists of:

Resident Services Agents
Provide the “front line” of service to our homeowners and other clients and “owns” the customer service experience. Agents use LMS proprietary systems to input, locate and interpret information in order to enter work requests for association-covered repairs, and provide information to the client.

Work Order System

Our custom Service Tracking and Reporting (STAR) System makes it possible for Resident Services Representatives to automate work orders to association-approved vendors before the end of the phone call initiating the request and allows residents and board members access to track work order progress.

Work Order Reporting

The STAR System logs each inquiry and repair request, so we can designate a time period and automatically generate a report.

Accounting Department

We employ a staff of accounting professionals who not only understand accounting, but also know how to speak about it comfortably to those who don’t. Every property is assigned a property accountant who keeps the records in perfect order. Each property Accountant reports to a Manager of financial services who supervises every action, including accounts payable and accounts receivable so that reports conform to your needs. Last, our Chief Financial Officer (of course, a Certified Public Accountant) is responsible for the financial leadership of our entire accounting department, making sure that all reports are timely and accurate and that your satisfaction is met, month after month.

Capital Projects

For major work, we will provide detailed proposals backed by professional engineering or structural opinions. You also will benefit from our knowledge of established vendors, so you can be sure you have the best person for the job.

Banking Services

Our partnership with a specific bank allows for the best level of service and fastest cash receipt processing. All of this maximizes available funds to the association and saves you hassle. We also help set up reserve bank accounts for associations, and we can handle your lending needs. Read more about our banking, lending, and reserve bank account services.

The eSTAR system

This is our interactive website for residents. This portal helps residents communicate both with Lieberman and the association. Here, residents can make payments, place requests for service, review important documents and more. Because it is online, information is accessible 24/7.

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LMS is a long-standing property management company serving the greater Chicago area.