Our Services

LMS is proud to provide full-service property management to condos, co-ops, HOAs and community associations of 100 homes or more.  We are confident that Lieberman Management Services can make a positive difference for your Association.  Typically, our initial efforts are focused on the following:

  • Conducting training for all building staff;
  • Providing an experienced property manager, dedicated to your community;
  • Providing a proactive management approach;
  • Improving communication from management to the Board and owners;
  • Assisting you in achieving and retaining an A+ status in the marketplace;
  • Providing a dynamic approach to the day-to-day and long-term operation of your Association;
  • Introducing a formal and comprehensive annual budget process;
  • Sharing our expertise, experience and best practices as they relate to the most effective management of your staff and property;
  • Providing a comprehensive review and administration of all vendor contracts;
  • Providing a seamless and stress free transition from your current agent; and
  • Providing efficient back office support.

We are a company with a 47-year history, managing over 45,000 residences and over 250 properties. This makes Lieberman Management Services one of the largest condominium management companies in the State of Illinois, as well as the fastest growing management company in the greater Chicago area.

 We take tremendous pride in delivering not only great service to you, but also added value through special services and programs. We would like to take this opportunity to remind and, in some cases, introduce these products and services not specifically mentioned in our management contract.

Utility Savings

We are able to bid our client’s procurement of gas, electricity, and other utilities in bulk (aggregated) to use our portfolio’s size to obtain advantageous pricing for our clients.

Energy Benchmarking

We ensure that all LMS-managed condominium buildings larger than 50,000 square feet satisfy the City of Chicago’s Building Energy Use Benchmarking Ordinance.

Insurance Programs

We offer proprietary insurance programs, competitive with other brokers in the market. While we have found the claims service and advice of our vendor partners to be excellent, the decision of which broker to award the contract to is always that of the board and all insurance brokers are welcome to bid against our programs.

Vendor Program

Our clients trust and expect us to deliver the very best. That’s why we are extremely selective in choosing the companies that service the communities we manage. We seek businesses that share our commitment to on-time, on-target, and on-the-money customer service.

Banking Services

Our partnership with a specific bank allows for the best level of service and fastest cash receipt processing. All of this maximizes available funds to the association and saves you hassle. We also help set up reserve bank accounts for associations, and we can handle your lending needs. Read more about our banking, lending, and reserve bank account services.

The eSTAR system

This is our interactive website for residents. This portal helps residents communicate both with Lieberman and the association. Here, residents can make payments, place requests for service, review important documents and more. Because it is online, information is accessible 24/7.

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LMS is a long-standing property management company serving the greater Chicago area.