Our Mission, HEART and Core Values

Our Mission

At LMS, we take our commitment to excellent property management seriously. Our mission is to provide outstanding care to our residents and boards, enhance environments and improve lives while valuing and rewarding our associates.

Our Strategy To Achieve Our Mission

  1. Have the right people in the right positions.
  2. Communicate effectively with clients, staff and vendors.
  3. Design and maintain systems to achieve the results we desire.
  4. Increase profitability by maximizing gross revenue and controlling costs.
  5. Refine, select and maintain preferred vendors.
  6. Know the real estate better than anyone else.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a property management firm that sets the standard for customer care in the residential and commercial real estate community through innovation and a commitment to excellence.

HEART is about people – what is in their heart, not just their head. It’s about how we relate to each other as co-workers, clients and people.

H is for Human Relations

Interacts and communicates effectively by seeking others’ viewpoints and demonstrates a willingness to hear and actively listen. Perceives and reacts to the feelings and needs of others. Provides cordial service by meeting or exceeding expectations of internal and external clients.  Continually builds relationships with co-workers and clients by gaining trust with honesty and fairness.

E is for Execution

Sells ideas/concepts to team members creating buy-in to ensure desired outcome. Able to formulate a strategy. Provides measurements of goals. Plans intermediate action items. Ensures completion of tasks. Coaches team members to accomplish goals within a specific time frame. Has a “just do it” attitude.

A is for Accountability

Takes ownership of responsibilities, tasks and projects by ensuring it is done in a timely manner and correctly. Able to delegate without losing responsibility.

R is for Retention

Ensures renewal of contracts and relationships with clients both internal and external to guarantee success of Lieberman.  Retention of employees through leadership.

T is for Time

Manages time efficiently by planning and organizing short and long term activities and goals. Eases the access to information. Leverages time by using resources, creating distinctive solutions and determining the best method for achieving results.

Core Values are what we focus on as a company.
Quality: Focus on the details, fulfill commitments and serve with excellence.
Integrity: Be loyal, honest, ethical, fair and professional at all times.
Innovation: Encourage an environment that breathes creativity, cutting edge technology and new ideas.
Respect: Have consideration for associates, clients and our environment.
Life Balance: A life that honors your spiritual beliefs, yourself, your profession, your family and your friends.
Profitability: Effectively utilize time, money and resources to ensure a fair profit.

LMS is a long-standing condo and co-op management company serving the greater Chicago area.