Maintenance and Emergency Issues

Managing Issues With Ease

You want work on your property to be completed correctly, efficiently and with the future in mind. Whether it’s routine maintenance or an after-hour emergency, your Lieberman property management team will help you manage any property issues with ease.


If you wish, Lieberman will supervise all contracted property maintenance to ensure timely completion of all work orders. At your request, we will supervise painting, decorating, plumbing, electrical, snow removal, landscaping and even management of staff like door personnel and engineers. We will assure you receive valuable work, completed in a professional manner.

Our STAR Work Order System

For more than 15 years, Lieberman Management Services has used a custom, computerized work order system known as STAR. This innovative system, developed exclusively for LMS, provides your manager and our LMS Resident Services department with immediate answers regarding pending or completed work orders. Along with providing answers for residents, STAR is also a management tool for the association’s board of directors. It logs each inquiry or repair request and can create reports. This helps the board to prioritize and manage the overall needs of the property.

After-Hour Emergencies

We all recognize that emergencies can occur at any time. That’s why we’re prepared 24/7 for catastrophic losses that endanger the lives and safety of your residents, as well as the condition of the physical property of the Association. When emergencies occur, we respond with every resource our organization has available.

After hours, we maintain a highly sophisticated communications service to back up the property management staff. The key representatives of the board can be assured that our staff and management team, including the managers and engineers, are in touch, available and ready to respond at all times. In addition, we only do business with contractors who can provide our Associations with complete after-hours service.

Emergency Auto Dialer Phone System

Lieberman operates and maintains a state-of-the-art system capable of automatically dialing and sending emergency phone announcements to property owners’ home phone numbers. This gives homeowners time to plan and gives peace of mind that help is on its way. This system can also be used for broadcasting any important announcements or information to unit owners.

Lieberman Management Services is a long-standing Chicago condo management company.