Local Community Opens Nationally-Certified Butterfly Garden

Local Community Opens Nationally-Certified Butterfly Garden
LMS Property Management Butterfly Garden

On June 15th at 5 p.m., Regency at The Woods of South Barrington is hosting the Grand Opening of their new patio and certified butterfly garden. The butterfly garden is a community project that brought together homeowners who were passionate about the garden and Sebert Landscaping Company, who donated all the plants and flowers for the project.

The project began when the Regency Landscape Committee began discussing how to revitalize declining landscape beds into a unique interactive garden. There were no immediate funds for the work until last fall, when a group of homeowners within the community offered to fund the project, and Lieberman Management Services (LMS) property manager Jason Mitchell contacted their contractor, Sebert Landscaping, to ask for donations.

Butterfly gardens include plants that attract and sustain butterflies, bees and other beneficial insects in an effort to increase populations and provide enjoyment of their diversity. Not only does the garden itself offer a place for butterflies to rest, feed, and grow, but many homeowners have also purchased butterfly kits to raise caterpillars at home, with grandchildren helping along the way, so they can release them into the garden at maturity.

The butterfly garden is located just off the walking path behind the clubhouse, situated between the pool and the community pond. This beautiful natural area and paver patio with benches offers a place to relax with friends and enjoy nature while overlooking the landscape and pond. Everyone within the community has come to enjoy the beauty, color and overall design of the garden.

Three national organizations have certified the nature area. The National Wildlife Foundation has awarded Wildlife Habitat Certification, the North American Butterfly Association has given its Butterfly Garden Certification, and Monarch Butterfly Watch.org gave its Monarch Waystation Certification.