LMS-Managed Project Wins 2018 Excellence in Engineering Award

LMS-Managed Project Wins 2018 Excellence in Engineering Award

When the board of 200 N. Dearborn Private Residences decided to replace their chiller unit last January, the clock started ticking. They had only a few months to review bids, sign a contract and ensure the work was completed before the first hot days of summer arrived and the demand for air conditioning started.

Replacing a chiller is no easy task, but Cyclone Energy & AMS Mechanical were able to do it with excellence. There were numerous unique segments of the project. Most importantly, they didn’t have to shut down the busy downtown streets in the Loop with a helicopter lift, and they received 200% more in incentives from Commonwealth Edison.

On December 4, 2018, Cyclone Energy and AMS Mechanical were awarded a 2018 Excellence in Engineering award, for their work on this project. The award, given by the Illinois Chapter of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), recognizes the designer and the owner of a comfort cooling application which highlights innovation and/or new technologies.

Cyclone Energy Group led the project that began in February 2018. The innovative aspects of this project included a chiller split barrel design that allowed the chiller to be delivered to the roof in sections through the elevator, rather than by helicopter. The design allowed for a simplified manual operation and was built with features for future design integration. Most remarkably, the project was completed in only 100 days.  The 100 day project timeline is made special because the Board signed off on the project and AMS completed it 100 days later. That is a tremendous feat!

As a result of the project, Cyclone was able to capture a limited-time bonus from the ComEd Energy Efficiency Incentive Program, which provided the 200 N. Dearborn Association with a check for $120,000, which is $80,000 more than the standard incentive. The new chiller is expected to be 45% more efficient than the original, and is estimated to save the Association about $30,000 per year.

This project was successful due to strong leadership and a great working relationship between the Board of Directors at 200 N. Dearborn, Cyclone Energy Group, AMS Mechanical and Lieberman Management Services. We are proud of the innovation and excellence in engineering that went into the project!