In Good Company

In Good Company
Our Premiere Vendor Partnership Program

Through Lieberman’s In Good Company (IGC) program, we partner with a select group of outstanding companies to bring value-added service and lower costs to your Association. The program leverages our size and relationships with trusted property management service providers who have a commitment to quality and focus on customer satisfaction.

In Good Company allows access to a broad network of knowledgeable, trustworthy companies, from financial partners to day-to-day service providers. These partners will offer you exclusive pricing or special terms through pre-negotiated master contracts. To view some of our most frequently asked questions about IGC, click here.

Benefits to our Associations

Our In Good Company partners offer master contracts with some or all of the following benefits:

Reduced pricing exclusive to LMS managed Co-ops and Condo Associations

Extended warranties and additional goods and services

Preferred terms

Added protection regarding insurance and contract language

Single point of contact

Easy, efficient bid process

Associations have no obligation to use an In Good Company partner when contracting for services. We only encourage you to bid with our partners to see their favorable costs and the assurance of recommended quality services.

Our current In Good Company partners are:

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