How We Compare

How We Compare

When you choose Lieberman, you can rest assured you have chosen your property management company well. Read what our satisfied customers have to say about working with us. If that’s not enough, here are a few competitive advantages as well as best practices we offer at Lieberman Management Services:

Economic Planning

As a Chicago condo management agent and advisor, LMS is keenly aware of how the local and national economy can impact homeowners and associations. In order to support our boards and help protect the homeowner’s investment, we have introduced additional analytical tools and strategies for our Board members such as:

  • Improved cash collection strategies
  • Bi-annual cash flow analysis
  • Expanded budget process to plan for both short- and long-term cash requirements
  • Loan and special assessment analysis and guidance

eSTAR System

Lieberman Management Services provides the eSTAR system, an interactive website where homeowners can place work orders, check their account balances, and review important documents from their association. The eSTAR system has even more advanced features for board members. Board members can review management reports, monitor the property manager’s action list and property calendar.

Resident Services Team

LMS also provides a professionally trained Resident Services Team, which is available from 8AM-6PM Monday through Friday. This team is wholly dedicated to meeting the needs of individual association residents.

  • This team is at work for you to provide efficient processing of requests, including property closing support and corporate office reception.
  • Resident Services Agents provide the front line of service to our homeowners and other clients.
  • Agents use LMS systems to input, locate, and interpret information in order to enter work requests for association-covered repairs and provide information to you when you need it.
  • After hours, 24/7, we maintain a highly sophisticated communications service to back up the property management staff.
  • Our staff is trained to interpret the nature of the problem and route the call to key management personnel, who control the full resources of our management team and are able to appropriately respond to any emergency.

Insurance Plans

We offer our associations optional Group Property and Liability Insurance Plans. This insurance plan has been reviewed by the State of Illinois Director of Insurance. The program has provided savings of 10-30% for our clients.

Employee Training

Lieberman provides extensive and ongoing training to employees. Topics include current industry developments, best practices and day-to-day operating procedures.

LMS is a long-standing Chicago Property Management firm, serving condo, HOA, townhome and co-op communities.