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  • Native Landscapes Need Maintenance, Too

    by Sarah Voska, Bluestem Ecological Services, and Angela Duea, Lieberman Management Services You just bought your brand new, custom...

  • sinkhole near catch basin sewer drain

    That Sinkhole in Your Parking Lot

    By Nate Olson, A&A Paving Contractors, and Angela Williams Duea, Lieberman Management Services Immediately after the snow recedes, the...

  • Board Members Bill of Rights

    Board Members Bill of Rights

    Being a volunteer member of a community association board of directors can be a difficult job. You need the...

  • Community association board of directors should get involved with condo foreclosures

    Foreclosure Actions: Why Should You Get Involved?

    By Altus Legal LLC Most property managers and boards have received notice of a unit foreclosure. In this unfortunate...

  • Property taxes for Associations

    Property Taxes Demystified

    By Lauren Elliott, Attorney with Elliott & Associates Attorneys, P.C., and Angela Duea, LMS Communications Manager Residents in Cook...

  • winter condo ice dams on roof

    Winterizing Your Association

    Winterizing is an important step for every association, says Amanda Yamour, business development manager for Giertsen, a disaster restoration...

  • Who’s in Charge Here?

    Homeowners associations are organized with a board of directors who help the community run smoothly. The board consists of...

  • Who makes the condo association rules

    Who Makes the Rules?

    Every society depends on an infrastructure of rules to guide individuals’ behavior. Limits help people to live together peacefully....

  • Laws HOA condo community associations

    Boucher v. 111 Changes Everything

    by Michael Rosenbaum, attorney at Fischel Kahn This summer, the legal case Boucher v. 111 E. Chestnut shook up...

  • Illinois Ombudsperson Act: Next Steps

      Until now, most activity around the Illinois Ombudsperson Act of 2017 has involved setting up the position and...