Condo Laws

  • Drone Invasion

    Drone laws are strict – and there are legal implications for both condo associations and for residents.

  • Who’s in Charge Here?

    Homeowners associations are organized with a board of directors who help the community run smoothly. The board consists of...

  • Who makes the condo association rules

    Who Makes the Rules?

    Every society depends on an infrastructure of rules to guide individuals’ behavior. Limits help people to live together peacefully....

  • Laws HOA condo community associations

    Boucher v. 111 Changes Everything

    by Michael Rosenbaum, attorney at Fischel Kahn This summer, the legal case Boucher v. 111 E. Chestnut shook up...

  • Illinois Ombudsperson Act: Next Steps

      Until now, most activity around the Illinois Ombudsperson Act of 2017 has involved setting up the position and...

  • GAAP Reporting: Making Sense of the New Illinois Rule

      By Brad Schneider, President, CondoCPA and Angela Duea, LMS Communication Manager You may have heard the new regulation...

  • Image Digital Voting

    Online Voting is Here!

    Condo elections are a stressful time in the life of an Association. Identifying qualified owners to fill volunteer roles...

  • Resale Disclosures: What You Need to Know

    by Steve Peterson, LMS Director of Resident Services A resale disclosure, also known in the Illinois real estate market...

  • Community association board of directors should get involved with condo foreclosures

    Palm II: Boards get Leeway to Run Closed Sessions

    Palm II changed quite a few things in the world of condo associations, and board members and property managers...

  • New State Laws Will Impact Community Associations

    As of Jan. 1, 2014 in the state of Illinois, medical marijuana was made legal for patients with specified...