Be a Better Leader: Board Member Boot Camp

Be a Better Leader: Board Member Boot Camp

On March 1, Board Members in our Chicago buildings were invited to a Board Member Boot Camp to teach them essential skills for leading their Associations. The Boot Camp Webinar was co-hosted by Judy Ziner, Vice President of Operations, Jackie Abraham and Brian Butler, LMS Regional Managers, and Edina Vulic, Manager of Operations.

The presenter was condominium law expert Kerry Bartell, a principal with the law firm of Kovitz, Shifrin, Nesbit. Kerry frequently serves as a speaker at industry events and has written numerous articles featured in publications such as the Chicago Tribune, Chicagoland Cooperator and Common Interest magazine. She covered board roles and responsibilities, fiduciary responsibilities and condo laws.

Below are materials from the webinar – the presentation as well as the recording with Kerry Bartell. This is another way that Lieberman helps build strong Associations and collaborates with Board Members to make their homes exceptional places to live.

Board Member Boot Camp 2017

Board Member Boot Camp Live Recording