Introducing the Maintenance Program

Introducing the Maintenance Program

LMS is pleased to offer the Maintenance Program as another way to add value to homeowners, by giving them access to quality contractors and baseline pricing to make informed decisions. The program supports our philosophy of serving our clients in the best possible way—helping them protect and enhance their living environments.

This program offers both a prepaid home appliance maintenance plan and a booking service for home repairs. The program is offered by Trend and Service Edge, two companies independent of LMS. Trend and Service Edge are 20-year veterans in maintenance service, with professionals who can fix a variety of home issues like ceiling fan installs, drywall repairs and furnace filter replacements. They offer quick and easy systems that help the owner obtain project estimates and schedule services.

 How Trend Works

  1. Access the Trend website.
  2. Enter information about the work you need done.
  3. Receive price estimates for the job based on the date you need it done and your location. You can even look for discounts by delaying the service to a day that the repair staff is already near your home.
  4. If you like the estimate, you can book the appointment through their website and communicate with Trend.

It’s that simple! Try it at:

How Service Edge Works

  1. Access Service Edge.
  2. Enroll in one of three plans offered by Service Edge, and pay either a monthly or yearly fee for maintenance services.
  3. Receive $300 to $1000 in appliance upkeep tasks, depending on the plan chosen.
  4. Schedule home upkeep work directly with Service Edge.

Employees and residents can enroll with Service Edge at any time – but the firm is offering a 10% discount as a promotion to LMS contacts at this time.

Enroll now at:

Ten percent of the amounts charged by Trend or LocalFix to the homeowner under this program will be an administrative and marketing charge payable to Lieberman Management Services, Inc. for its administrative and marketing support and out-of-pocket expenses. The repair or maintenance work for the homeowner under this program will be performed by Trend or LocalFix (not by Lieberman Management Services, Inc.) under their direct arrangements with the homeowner. Lieberman Management Services, Inc. is not responsible for any such repair or maintenance work.